It's All About The Long Term Vision

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You sacrifice a lot to build your business, create your vision and share your ideas with the world.

You work around the clock, wake up at ridiculous hours, go to bed late.....all for some crazy vision that no one else can see and many days not even you can see or believe!

You throw all your money, time and energy into your passion and give it everything you've got every single day and the bills keep stacking up and your bank account is running on empty....while you do whatever you can do to keep the dream alive for another week!

You absolutely have to love what you do or really believe in your cause or your mission!
In fact you have to be a little bit crazy to keep going and doing what you do day in and day out!

That is why you have to be motivated by your vision and your mission because the truth of the matter is MONEY.....usually isn't a big enough reward or a big enough incentive to put up with all those sleepless nights, all those days of worry and all those things you had to give up just to create your ART and share your vision!

When you put your heart and soul into something that is meaningful to you and that moves you in such a way that no amount money can buy, that is when you've have found your purpose, your mission and your vision and that is what will drive you towards your greatest success!

Chase your vision, not money!
That is the great secret to success!

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